Clinics and Services

All GP practices are contracted to provide essential services, that is, basic treatment of ill people, management of patients with chronic diseases and care of the terminally ill.

If you are registered with us, are aged between 16-75 years and have not seen a doctor for the past 3 years, you may request a consultation to review your health needs. Similarly, if you are aged over 75 years and have not seen a doctor in the past 12 months you are able to request a health check; in this case, if you are unable to attend surgery we can visit you at home.

We provide a range of services and clinics


Check out our Appointments page to see what appointments we offer.

Long Term Conditions

Need help and Advice managing a Long Term Condition ? Check out our page.

Cancer Advice

Need Cancer Advice ? Check out our page to understand more about Cancers.

Family Planning & Sexual Health

Find out more about safe sex and contraception here.

Mental Health

Need help managing your Mental Health? Find out more here.

Healthier Lifestyle

Find out more about our services with can help you live a Healthier Life.

Travel Vaccination Services

Travelling Abroad and need a Vaccination? Check out our page for more information.

Additional Services

We provide a range of additional services. You can check them out here.

Social Prescribing

Our Social Prescribing service can help you with your health and well-being.


Find out more about our I:HUB out of hours services here.

Practice Nurse

We have Practice Nurses who offer a range of services.

Enhanced Services

We provide a range of Enhanced services. Please check them out here.

Attached Services

We provide a range of attached services. Such as District Nurses and Health Visitors. Check them out here.


We provide a range of reports. These are non-NHS services and require a fee. Find out more here.